Active Learning in Computing (ALiC)

Active Learning in Computing, (ALiC), is a CETL project led by the University of Durham with project partners at The University of Newcastle, University of Leeds and Leeds Metropolitan.

It focuses on increasing the level of student engagement within the Computing curriculum and aims to make their experiences more relevant to industry. It proposes the development of a more cohesive curriculum where exercises and assessments are more significant and encompass greater numbers of skills.

The consortium of universities involved will use its expertise in group and project work and will investigate the setting of industrial-scale tasks that students will work on in cross-year multi-site teams. The consortium will also build on its expertise in the areas of assessment and student diversity to ensure that these student projects are efficiently and appropriately assessed.

ALiC is about promoting change. It is about taking the best Computing Teaching and Learning approaches and making them better. It is about demonstrating how these approaches' wider deployment can serve to form greater skill alignment with industry. It is also about making computing more fun. ALiC brings together a set of co-located universities and staff focused on promoting Active Learning. These universities have a diversity of students, a range of Computing programmes and a variety of delivery modes including full and part-time - at HNC, Foundation and Masters level - as well as sandwich courses. The focus of ALiC is to ensure deep learning by enhancing the student learning experience through encouraging more active engagement of the students in the curriculum.






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