Malicious-and Accidental-Fault Tolerance for Internet Applications
IST Research Project IST-1999-11583
1 January 2000 - 28 February 2003

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MAFTIA involved experts from 5 countries and 6 organisations. The Industrial Advisory Board provided valuable feedback on the work of the project.

Research was organised into six workpackages.

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Final Workshop
Held at Newcastle University, 18-19 February, 2003.

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Intrusion Tolerance

There is a significant body of research on distributed computing architectures, methodologies and algorithms, both in the fields of fault tolerance and security. Whilst they have taken separate paths until recently, the problems to be solved are of similar nature. In classical dependability, fault tolerance has been the workhorse of many solutions. Classical security-related work has on the other hand privileged, with few exceptions, intrusion prevention. Intusion tolerance

Intrusion tolerance is a new approach that has slowly emerged during the past decade, and gained impressive momentum recently. Instead of trying to prevent every single intrusion, these are allowed, but tolerated: the system triggers mechanisms that prevent the intrusion from generating a system security failure. The tolerance paradigm in security has deserved great attention recently. MAFTIA developed concepts and prototyped architectures; in the USA, the OASIS program, implemented several intrusion-tolerant systems.

With the aim of disseminating intrusion tolerance concepts and techniques to a wide audience, a tutorial [ abstract ] [ pdf ], and a companion text [ abstract ] [ pdf ] were prepared. The tutorial has been presented at several conferences and universities.