Malicious-and Accidental-Fault Tolerance for Internet Applications
IST Research Project IST-1999-11583
1 January 2000 - 28 February 2003

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MAFTIA involved experts from 5 countries and 6 organisations. The Industrial Advisory Board provided valuable feedback on the work of the project.

Research was organised into six workpackages.

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Final Workshop
Held at Newcastle University, 18-19 February, 2003.

All the MAFTIA deliverables in one place.

A list of MAFTIA-related papers published by members of the project.

Final Workshop

The final MAFTIA workshop and review was held at the University of Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne, 18th-19th February, 2003.

Below are the presentations from that meeting with links to the talks in pdf format:

Overview of MAFTIA
Robert Stroud, Newcastle
(421K pdf)
Conceptual Model,
Robert Stroud, Newcastle
(367K pdf)
The Maftia Architecture: Services and Middleware for Intrusion Tolerance
Paulo Veríssimo, Lisboa
(928K pdf)
Programming with the TTCB Wormhole
Paulo Veríssimo, Lisboa
(1M pdf)
Building Dependable Trusted Services
Christian Cachin, IBM Zurich
(171K pdf)
MAFTIA Authorisation
Yves Deswartes, LAAS
(501K pdf)
Intrusion Detection: Eliminating False Alarms
Andreas Wespi, IBM Zurich
(695K pdf)
CSP-based verification of TTCB services and GKA TH
William Simmonds, QinetiQ
(69K pdf)
MAFTIA WP2 Demonstration: Transaction Service and Middleware
Miguel Pupo Correia, Lisboa (460K pdf)
Demonstration of Intrusion Tolerant IDS
Dominique Alessandri, IBM Zurich
(292K pdf)
Rigorous Model of MAFTIA Concepts
Andre Adelsbach, Saarland
(120K pdf)
Assessment of MAFTIA's Intrusion Tolerance Capabilities
Robert Stroud, Newcastle
(145K pdf)