Science and Technology Programme 1994
- STFP94

Domain: Optoelectronic devices
Keywords: optoelectronics
Host Institute: Osaka Univ., Dept. of Electrical Engineering JAP
Name: Dr. Ing. Claus-Dieter Abel D
Address: Bolkerwiese 6, D-67308 Zellertal

Domain: Interaction and transport properties in quantum wires
Keywords: electron transport, quantum wires
Host Institute: Gakushuin University, Dept. of Physics JAP
Name: Dr. Tobias Brandes D
Address: Inst. für Theoretische Physik, Jungiusstr. 9, 20355 Hamburg
Tel: +49 40 73 37 193

Domain: management of economic systems
Keywords: market analysis, economic systems
Host Institute: Bailey Japan Co. Ltd. JAP
Name: Dr. Elena Casolari I
Address: Inst. di Economia Politica, Via Gobbi 5, 20136 Milano
Tel: +39 2 5836 5405
Fax: +39 2 5836 5438

Domain: Machine learning and DNA applications
Keywords: machine learning, molecular biology
Host Institute: Kyoto University, RIMS JAP
Name: Dr. Claudio Ferretti I
Address: Dipt. di Scienze dell'Informazione, V. Comelico 39, 20135 Milano
Tel: +39 2 895 11 099

Domain: Algebraic geometry
Keywords: algebraic geometry
Host Institute: Kyoto University, RIMS JAP
Name: Dr. Alexander Sandro-Infirri F
Address: Boisignes, 74250 Viuz en-Sallaz
Tel: +33 50 36 80 84

Domain: Mathematical modelling of heat and mass transfer
Keywords: heat transfer
Host Institute: Tohoku Nat. Industrial Research Institute JAP
Name: Dr. Michael Vynnicky UK
Address: 95 Swanfield Road, Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire, EN 876P
Tel: +44 992 38 670

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STFP94, May 1997

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