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VEDIP - S-82325

Keywords: EDI, information society, dissemination, electronic commerce, electronic payment, EDIFACT

Start Date: 20 November 95 / Status: finished / Duration: 8 months

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Objectivies and Approach

The Global Marketplace for SMEs G7 project will carry out several pilot projects in order to demonstrate the potential benefits of information technologies for SMEs competitiveness and the advantages of world-wide participation in information sharing. The projects which are currently envisaged concern several domains, including electronic commerce, business re-engineering, the use of technologies as EDI, the role of Public Authorities and the development of underlying infrastructures, either technical such as telecom networks and services or organisational, such as registration of EDI users and Trusted Third Parties.

The European Commission is directly involved in EDI&ISDN projects, including FORTIUS (electronic commerce, payment services), COBODATA (building industry), EUROPRODUCT (furniture industry), EUROMED (medical telediagnostic) and GEN-I-E (generalisation of the EDI&ISDN approach).

Before a detailed proposal for specific projects can be developed, it is necessary to carry out an assessment study in the CEEC region. This project aims at preparing a study to assess the current situation in the region with the intention of identifying current strengths and weaknesses and to highlight the priority actions that would be of greatest benefit for the region, taking into account specific needs and circumstances, whilst retaining a global point of view and consistency with the goals of the Global Marketplace for SMEs.

Information Dissemination Activities and/or Exploitation

A copy of the study, which includes an assessment of the current situation, recommendations, suggestions, as well as a list of contact people in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia, can be acquired from the coordinator.


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VEDIP - S-82325, May 1997

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