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COF - S-82092

Keywords: technology management, technology intensive industries, industrial research, accountability of research

Start Date: 1 January 95 / Status: finished / Duration: 21 months

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Objectivies and Approach

The objective of the project is to narrow the gap between R&D, regarding expenditures and planning, and company success in high technology companies. The character of the research is interdisciplinary, involving economists as well as technologists. In order to address the question, the conceptual framework has to be established by outlining the various functions of research, the modellisation of system companies and the modelling of new accounting systems for research concerning R&D controlling. Part of the project is based on interviews and case studies in both European and Japanese industry. The research is undertaken with a view to possible implementation.

Progress and Results

The project consists of three interrelated subprojects:

Accountability of Technology: Three different management tools have been developed and implemented, namely FIAS for target budgeting, GOPE for a goal oriented performance evaluation, and ProCoRD, a process costing in R&D.

Industrial Research: A theory based system of the functions and potentials served by industrial research has been developed and the overall budgeting has been theoretically investigated. A project budgeting tool for research projects has been developed and implemented.

System Companies: The results of interviews to system companies have been analysed in order to outline the main features in the relationship between system companies and component producers. A theoretical model for the analysis of the contractual interface between system companies and component producers, the consolidation process in high tech system industries, and the role of investment banks have been elaborated.

Information Dissemination Activities and/or Exploitation

The management tools developed have been presented to different companies including Siemens, Hoechst, BASF and Henkel. Results have been presented at numerous conferences, workshops, industry forums and seminars, as well as in more than 18 publications. The list of publications as well as the internal and the final reports of the project are available from the coordinator. Most subprojects were presented at the Mannheimer Unternehmerforum, which took place in Mannheim in June 1996. Findings of the Japanese survey of the Accountability subproject have been presented at the R&D Management conference held in Twente, NL. A book series is also planned.


Universität Mannheim
Lehrstuhl für Internationales Management
D-68131 Mannheim, D

EU Partners

Universität Mannheim, D
Universität Kiel, D
University of Rome, I
Finmechanica S.p.A., I
Siemens AG, D

Non-EU Partners

University of Kobe, JAP
University of Tokyo, JAP
Hitachi Ltd., JAP
Sumimoto Electric Industries Ltd., JAP


Mr. Randolf Schrank
Tel: +49 621 292 5340/5043/5041
Fax: +49 621 292 5750

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COF - S-82092, May 1997

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