TEDIPP - S-81890

Keywords: EDI, electronic commerce, dissemination, arabisation

Start Date: 15 September 94 / Status: finished / Duration: 24 months

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Objectivies and Approach

The project aims at widely introducing EDI techniques in Tunisia, including the adaptation of an Arabic interface. The pedagogical instrument which has allowed European companies to become acquainted with EDI techniques will be adapted to Arabic culture. The result will be the elaboration of the EDITIEL software in Arabic and a study on the introduction of EDI and electronic commerce in Tunisia.

Progress and Results

The work done includes: EDITIEL adaptation into Arabic (3 months); elaboration of the 0 version of EDITIEL in Arabic (6 months); study on EDI application in Tunisia; elaboration of the 1 version of EDITIEL in Arabic; meeting in Tunis in October 1995, in order to present the first findings of the EDI/EC study to various potential users, from Tunisia, Europe and Mediterranean Countries, including SMEs and organisations such as the Chambers of Commerce and Industry; an international workshop to present version 1 and the results of the study on EDI application in Tunisia (December '95); final version of EDITIEL in Arabic; final report, including proposals to use EDITIEL in Arabic in other Arabic countries and recommendations to take into account specificities of the Arabic language in the EDIFACT-UN standard.

Information Dissemination Activities and/or Exploitation

A series of meetings (steering committee meeting, a technical meeting on ARABEDITIEL and a presentation of TEDIP to external experts coming from various Arabic Countries) were held in Brussels. A meeting took place in Tunis with the major ICT actors and EDI users from the public and private sector, for the launching of the EDI study.

The final presentation of the Arabic EDITIEL and the EDI study to representatives of various Arabic and Mediterranean countries will facilitate the dissemination of EDI knowledge into the rest of the Arabic world and will serve as a catalyst for EDI-related projects involving the EU and countries of the Mediterranean.


Tour Europe, Cedex 07
F-92049 Paris la Défense, F

EU Partners


Non-EU Partners

Centre National de l'Informatique, El Omrane, TN


Mr. C. Chiaramonti
Tel: +33 1 429 15 793
Fax: +33 1 429 16 026
E-mail: edifr@world.net.sct.fr

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TEDIPP - S-81890, May 1997

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