Creating Euro-Indian IT Partners

3SE - S-75041

Keywords: business networking, international cooperation

Start Date: 14 December 92 / Duration: 60 months

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Objectivies and Approach

Software Services Support and Education Limited is a company established by the European Commission and the government of India. The mission of this organisation is to create Euro-Indian IT partners by using 3SE as an Information Relay Centre for the promotion of European initiatives such as Asia-Invest and the cross-cultural programme with India. The activities offered are mainly business services, for example matchmaking and coordination of exhibitions, and technical services such as the organisation of seminars.

Progress and Results

3SE has become an important business partner in India by helping EU companies to find the right Indian partner, by promoting IT related EC programmmes in the region and by increasing the awareness of international software tools to Indian companies. It also provides seminars, training courses and workshops to both EU countries and Indian companies. The services offered by 3SE to European companies include: identifying the right Indian partner, communicating an EU company's need for software to Indian companies, arranging European software delegation visits to India, promoting sector-specific European IT technology in India, conducting seminars in Europe on India business values, and "gateway" services.

Information Dissemination Activities and/or Exploitation

3SE publishes Advantage, a periodical update on the events in the IT industry in India in order to facilitate the information flow.

A European antenna for 3SE will be established in 1997. For further information on how to access this, please contact

More about the activities of 3SE can be found at


Software Services Support and Education
Centre (3SE)
Diamond Jubilee Commercial Complex
8th Floor, Hudson Circle
Bangalore 560 027, IND

EU Partners

Price Waterhouse, B
Cesia, F

Non-EU Partners



Mr. K.G.Y. Narayan
Tel: +918 022 111 43
Fax: +818 022 111 52
Mr. C. Versteele
Tel: +32 2 773 14 11
Fax: +32 2 762 45 65

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3SE - S-75041, May 1997

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