CTS in China-Phase Q

CTS/OSI - S-75013

Keywords: OSI, networking, protocol testing, communication protocols

Start Date: 7 January 92 / Duration: 56 months

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Objectivies and Approach

In 1989, the EC and the Chinese State Bureau for Technical Supervision launched a cooperation activity with the aim of setting up a Conformance Test Center at the University of Fudan. After a preliminary study to demonstrate the feasibility of the project, the necessary soft- and hardware were installed at the Computer Networks department of the University of Fudan, the necessary skills were acquired and the O-CTL, the Orient Computer Network Lab, was created (first phase of the project).

In the second phase of the project - phase Q, Q standing for Quality - a Certification Centre will be set up. This Certification Centre, as well as the O-CTL, will be accredited according to the European EN 4500 series of standards. The objective of the project also includes the development of a Quality System suitable for applying accreditation against the EN 4500 series of norms to the European bodies UKAS, UK, and SINCERT, I.

Progress and Results

The tasks were organised as follows: Quality System implementation, test activity, certification campaign, and, finally, accreditation process. The Quality System was finalised and implemented in Fudan. Regarding the test activity, tests were completed for the X.25 and MHS_88 services. The certification campaign achieved a Type Conformance Certificate for two products, namely the JIC X.25 Communication Board, and the OSI/MHS D22. The accreditation by the two European accreditation bodies UKAS and SINCERT was granted for the following services: X.25 80/84, X.25 88, MHS 84, MHS 88.

Information Dissemination Activities and/or Exploitation

A final workshop will disseminate information concerning the results of the project, especially for the benefit of European industries that are interested in business with China in the domain of IT&T. This workshop will take place in summer 1997.


Centro Studi E Laboratori
Telecomunicazioni S.p.A. (CSELT)
Via Reiss Romoli 274
10148 Torino, I

EU Partners


Non-EU Partners

Fudan University, Dep. of Computer Networks, CHI


Dr. G. Ponte
Tel: +39 11 228 54 48
Fax: +39 11 228 57 85
E-mail: giovanni.ponte@cselt.stet.it

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CTS/OSI - S-75013, May 1997

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