PECANEC - S-56404

Keywords: EDI, electronic commerce, EDIFACT

Start Date: 1 January 95 / Duration: 26 months

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Objectivies and Approach

This Pilot Experiment in EU-Canada Electronic Commerce was realised under the TRI-EDI programme for collaboration between the EU and Canada. It extends work carried out by DPP & Associates under the TEDIS programme in which the EDI-ISDN application FORTIUS was developed. The goal is to develop, implement and test a bi-lingual system for electronic commerce, supported by local PC-networks, linking a DG of the European Commission with a ministery of the Canadian Federal Government, and to study how this might be extended to other administrations. The workplan involves the study of current practice at the test sites and its integration with norms and standards for purchase and settlement using EDI. This entails the integration of electronic catalogues with the EDIFACT translator. The system will provide purchase support for the issue of orders, receipts and dockets, settlement support for billing and payment, as well as support for the use of electronic signatures provided by optical cards.

Progress and Results

Three types of organisations have been tested regarding EDI and electronic commerce: the European Commission, federal and provincial organisations in Canada and the private sector. Global economic factors, techniques, electronic commerce applications, user requirements and social factors have been studied. An extended study on the experimentation has been prepared.

Information Dissemination Activities and/or Exploitation

The project has been presented at the G7 meetings in Brusels in February 1995, in Halifax in June 1995 and at the G7 Summit in Midrand, South Africa, in June 1996

The study produced within PECANEC can be acquired from the coordinator.

More information can be found at


DDP & Assosiés
57 Boulevard Vivier Merle
69429 Lyon Cédex 03, F

EU Partners

DDP & Assosiés, F

Non-EU Partners

Public Work and Government Services, CAN


Mr. J.P. Passot
Tel: +33 72 35 00
Fax: +33 72 35 01

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PECANEC - S-56404, May 1997

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