Keywords: functional programming, concurrent languages, distributed programming, specification, program translation, concurrent lambda calculus

Start Date: 1 October 94 / Duration: 36 months

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Objectivies and Approach

The main goal is to carry out a systematic investigation into the theory and practice of concurrent and distributed functional programming, and to develop fundamental principles of program transformation suited to this area. One task will be to relate the different conceptual approaches to functional programming in a concurrent setting, and to use them to devise reasoning methods for a concurrent functional programming language called Concurrent Clean. Semi-automatic translation of high level specifications into low level programmes can greatly improve programming productivity. A further goal of this collaboration is to provide appropriate translation tactics for the functional programming language Haskell.

Progress and Results

A survey course on the prototypical functional programming language was given, focusing on the correspondence between denotational and operational semantics and with particular reference to what is called the Full Abstraction Problem.

Progress has been made on various research problems such as program transformation techniques for compile-time memorisation, program transformation frameworks to synthesise efficient parallel programs directly from sequential functional programs, and the development and application of Sim-Haskell, a language for supporting event-scheduling and process interaction worldviews.

Progress has also been made on the foundation of functional computation with control based on a Curry-Howard correspondence with classical proofs.

Information Dissemination Activities and/or Exploitation

The results of these collaborative investigations have been disseminated in the usual fashion, by presentation at international conferences and by publication in scholarly journals. Papers, publications and proceedings may be obtained from the contact person listed above.


Oxford University
Computing Laboratory
Wolfson Building
Parks Road
Oxford OX1 3QD, UK

EU Partners

Oxford University, UK
Imperial College of Science and Technology, London, UK
Informatica, Catholic University of Nijmegen, NL
Chalmers University of Technology, S

Non-EU Partners

National University of Singapore, SG


Dr. C.H.L. Ong
Tel: +44 1865 273 838
Fax: +44 1865 273 839

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CONFUPRO - KIT143, May 1997

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