Multimedia Assisted Teleoperation


Keywords: robotics, teleoperation, telepresence, graphical interfaces, complex control, control interfaces, task planning, data acquisition, data fusion, multimedia

Start Date: 1 October 94 / Duration: 36 months

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Objectivies and Approach

Recent growth in applications of large scale robotic systems that work in unstructured environments, such as construction, electric hot-line maintenance, airplane cleaning and contaminated environments, demand increasingly complex control and attest the need for telepresence and teleoperation. This requires the fusion and representation of robot sensory data, as well as the integration of this with tools for task planning and control. The goal of this project, which is related to the ESPRIT ROCCO, ROBTET and RETINA (CICYT) projects, is to use the TOROS graphical simulator and the DISAM planning tools to create a multimedia interface for the assisted teleoperation of complex robotic systems.

Progress and Results

A man-machine interface, that integrates voice and image, has been developed. This interface allows the remote control of different robots (PUMA 560 and Kraft telerobotic at the moment) using mouse, keyboard and voice interface. At the same time, numerical and graphical information is presented to the operator using CAD simulation of the robot and its environment, as well as real images from a binocular stereoscopic vision system.

Future development aims at a 3D environment automatic reconstruction from the vision system, high level control by voice interface and force-torque bilateral control.

Information Dissemination Activities and/or Exploitation

The results are being used in several other ESPRIT projects such as ROCCO, ROBTET and RETINA. The objective of the ROCCO project is to develop a large range robot to be used in the construction industry. The robot is currently operative and the interface will improve its control. The ROBTET project is a telerobotics system used for electrical power line maintenance. The interface developed is currently used to teleoperate the system. The goal of RETINA is the remote operation of an excavator using bilateral control (force-positioning ), voice control and a 3D image interface.

Results have also been presented at international conferences.


Polytechnic University of Madrid,
Div. de Ingenieria de Sistemas, E

EU Partners

Polytechnic University of Madrid, E
Universität Karlsruhe, Institut für Machinenwesen, D

Non-EU Partners

Universidad de los Andes, CO


Mr. A. Barrientos
Tel: +34 1 336 30 61
Fax: +34 1 564 29 61

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