Power Systems Operation and Control Simulators for Special Studies and Dispatch Training

OCS - ITDC-234

Keywords: power systems control, training, simulation, parallel processing, parallelisation

Start Date: 1 February 95 / Duration: 30 months

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Objectivies and Approach

The general aim is the design, development and implementation of an efficient simulator based on massively parallel processing for electrical power systems (EPS) operation and control. This requires the following research and development activities: development of new functions for operation and control of EPS; development and verification of application software in control centres for the supervision and control of EPS operation; studies of the electrical system behaviour under disturbances; the inclusion of related applications in graduate and post-graduate educational activities such as training and perfection of control centre operators for the control of EPS.

Progress and Results

Parallelized Load Flow Model: Solution of the power flow problem based on the subdivision of the network into partial networks. The analysis has been completed and programming tasks have been started.

Dynamic Behaviour Simulation of Electric Energy Supply Systems: The SiCoDis program for the simulation of EPS has been analysed and adapted for execution in sequential form in a UNIX environment on a Parsytec machine. With the aim to parallelise this code, the next activity is to elaborate the general specification for the simulators general database according to the needs of the SiCoDiS program.

Experimental Control Center: The main features have been defined applying international standardisation with respect to: open systems, distributed processing, the operative system, the communication system, man-machine interface, and the design architecture. A static simulator of the electric system has been introduced. Fast load flow calculation program and those used for the contingencies' analysis have been implemented. The design and definition of the database structure is being carried out.

Information Dissemination Activities and/or Exploitation

Fourteen papers have been published and presented so far. See the contact point for the full list of publications.


Universidad Nacional de San Juan
Av. San Martin (Oeste) 1109
5400 San Juan, AR

EU Partners

Parsytec Computer GmbH, D

Non-EU Partners

Universidad Nacional de San Juan, AR


Prof. Dr. Ing. Rivera
Tel: +54 64 226 444/225 406/273 300
Fax: +54 64 210 299

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OCS - ITDC-234, May 1997

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