Simulation of Scientific and Technological Problems on Massively Parallel Computer Systems


Keywords: parallel processing, numerical methods, simulation

Start Date: 1 February 95 / Duration: 30 months

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Objectivies and Approach

The project deals with the implementation of numerical methods and, in particular, with 2D and 3D problems of adsorption/dispersion of optical bistabilities in semiconductors and numerical simulation of oil production processes using different implicit and explicit parallel algorithms.

Progress and Results

The explicit and implicit numerical algorithms for the problems were realised for multiprocessing computer systems. The efficiency of parallelism was 95 and 60% respectively. The numerical experiments for the optical bistability were fulfilled.

A parallel code for the simulation of oil production on various number of processors has been developed. Some iterative methods for numerical solving of elliptic equations on the basis of different principles have been represented and investigated.

Information Dissemination Activities and/or Exploitation

These numerical parallel algorithms were presented at the seminar "Modelling of Complex Continuum Mechanics Problems on Multiprocessor Computer Systems" at the Institute for Mathematical Modelling of RAS in Moscow.


Institute for Mathematical Modelling
Russian Academy of Sciences, RU

EU Partners

Parsytec Eastern Europe GmbH, D

Non-EU Partners

Russian Academy of Sciences, RU


Dr. Chetverushkin Boris Nikolaevich
Tel: +7 95 972 11 59
Fax: +7 95 972 07 23

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STEP - ITDC-220, May 1997

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