Keywords: parallel programming environments, parallelisation

Start Date: 1 February 95 / Duration: 30 months

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Objectivies and Approach

The general objective of this project is to design an efficient parallel programming environment for assisting the user in writing and evaluating parallel programs, which involves enhancing of the functionality of FPT (Fortran Parallelizing Transformer, a state of art software provided by the University of Ghent) by creating a graphical programming environment, porting the code generation of FPT to the Siemens shared memory multiprocessor platform, using FPT to parallelise real life applications.

The following approaches were used to fulfill these objectives:

Progress and Results

Although the Siemens machine had not been received until July 1996, progress was made on the design of programming environment for FPT on SUN workstations. As the standard approaches were used, it is expected that it will not be hard to convey the work to the Siemens machine. The results obtained by the end of June 1996 were as follows:

Information Dissemination Activities and/or Exploitation

At the last stage of the project, the system developed will be used to exploit the parallelism of benchmark programs, such as SPEC95, to indicate the usefulness of the system by speed up results.


Fudan University
Institute of Parallel Processing
220 Handan Rd.
CHI-200433 Shanghai, CHI

EU Partners

University of Ghent, B
Siemens Nixdorf Information Systems AG, D

Non-EU Partners

Fudan University, CHI


Prof. Chuanqi Zhu
Tel: +86 21 534 95 25
Fax: +86 21 534 95 25

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