Keywords: parallel processing, HPC, solid state physics, condensed matter, simulation

Start Date: 1 February 1995 / Duration: 30 months

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Objectivies and Approach

The research project is mainly oriented to the study of phenomena occurring at the solid-vacuum, solid-gas and solid-liquid interfaces. Interest on these subjects arises due to, on the one hand, the occurrence of a rich variety of physical and chemical phenomena such as for example adsorption-desorption, nucleation and growth, phase transitions and critical behaviour, fractality, charge transfer, diffusion, chemical reactions, epidemic spreading, etc. On the other hand, these studies are closely related to many technological applications, for example in catalysis, corrosion, microelectronics, energy conversion, etc. The methodology used to carry out the research project is based upon the use of extensive computational resources.

Progress and Results

Major progress has been achieved in the study of irreversible phase transitions in surface reaction systems. The effect of contaminants in the critical behaviour of a catalysed reaction related to the oxidation of carbon monoxide has been investigated. Also the influence of long range interactions in the critical irreversible behaviour of simple reaction processes has been studied. Further studies have been devoted to the understanding of the onset of highly complex global (macroscopic) behaviour due to the operation of simple local (microscopic) laws. Systems of cooperative individuals are found to exhibit self organised critical behaviour.

Information Dissemination Activities and/or Exploitation

Dissemination is mainly achieved through the publication of the obtained results in highly qualified international scientific journals. Further dissemination will take place through the participation to scientific meetings in Europe and Argentina.


INIFTA, University of la Plata
Suc. 4, C.C. 16
1900 La Plata, AR

EU Partners

University of Mainz, D
Parsytec GmbH, D

Non-EU Partners

University of San Luis, AR
INIFTA- University of La Plata, AR


Prof. Dr. Ezekiel V. Albano
Tel: +54 21 257 430
Fax: +54 21 254 642

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