HPC Training, Applications Development and Technology Transfer in the Middle East and Israel


Keywords: HPC, parallel processing, technology transfer, training

Start Date: 1 January 96 / Duration: 30 months

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Objectivies and Approach

The main objective of this project is to perform HPC training, HPC applications development and HPC technology transfer in the Middle East starting from Egypt and Jordan under participation of partners from Israel. The respective centres in Egypt and Jordan will implement cost efficient European HPC hardware, which will be used for the education and the training of scientists from various institutes and especially engineers of the regional industry. Local staff will be trained in the centres by high skilled experts coming from the leading HPC centre of Greece in Athens.

The centres will be linked by electronic means and will for the first time constitute a living network and basic infrastructure in the Middle East consisting of HPC sites, communication resources and hosts of expertise, which can cover the scientific and industrial needs of the region.

Of highest importance is that the cooperation will help to reduce political and human barriers between the formerly hostile countries in the Middle East, starting with Egypt, Jordan and Israel and with the vision to include further countries in the future.

The project will be performed in two phases: during the first phase, a systematic requirement analysis of the scientific and industrial sectors in Egypt and Jordan will be completed; in the second phase, the HPC equipment will be installed at the partners centres, the local staff will be trained, and scientists and engineers from the Middle East will develop their own applications.


Parsytec Computer GmbH
Roermonder Strasse 197
D-52072 Aachen, D

EU Partners

Parsytec Computer GmbH, D
National Polytechnical University, Athens, GR

Non-EU Partners

Alal-Bayt University, JO
Electronics Research Institute, EG
University of Tel Aviv, ISR


Mr. Anno Jordan
Tel: +49 241 88890
Fax: +49 241 888950
E-mail: jordan@parsytec.de

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