Beyond Supply Chain Management in Food Industry

SCM+ - INCO-DC95-880

Keywords: food industry, supply chain management, EDI, STEP, SMEs, extended enterprise model

Start Date: 1 March 96 / Duration: 18 months

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Objectivies and Approach

This project aims at analysing the feasibility and the socioeconomic impact of the implementation of the extended enterprise concept (i.e., a network of enterprises) on the food industry in Latin America. Due to the complexity of the problem addressed, the design and development of this concept will be faced by a two step approach, the first of which is this project. In this first step, the consortium will study and analyse food chains and their added value in Latin America and carry out a feasibility study on the potential of an extended enterprise. A possible implementation of a pilot extended enterprise is planned as a follow-up project.

The feasibility study that will be drawn up will concentrate on the existing strong links between the producers and the food processing enterprises in Latin America. The current situation, as well as the requirements set by the technological, organisational, social and business aspects will be considered and the impact on the whole supply chain and the SMEs involved will be evaluated. Efforts will be undertaken in order to evaluate additional functionalities that can be supported by an information network, such as management of seed distribution, crop disease control and multimedia based training on agricultural techniques.


University of Lisboa Nova
Quinta da Torre
P-2825 Monte Caparica, P

EU Partners

Instituto de Investigacao Cientifica Tropical, P
University of Lisboa Nova, P
University of Galway, IRL
University of Amsterdam, NL
Estec-Estudos e Tecnologias da Informacao, P

Non-EU Partners

University of Costa Rica, CR
National University of San Juan, AR
Federal University Vitoria Espirito Santo, BRZ
Frutos de Cuyo, AR
Esteban Fabregas, AR


Prof. Luis M. Camarinha-Matos
Tel: +351 1 350 02 24 / 295 32 13 / 295 44 64
Fax: +351 1 294 12 53

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SCM+ - INCO-DC95-880, May 1997

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