Integrated Gas Flow and Gas Sensors by Using Porous Silicon Micromachining


Keywords: microelectronics, porous silicon, gas sensors, technology transfer

Start Date: 1 March 96 / Duration: 36 months

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Objectivies and Approach

The overall objective of this project is to further explore the micromachining applications of porous silicon and to apply them to the fabrication of fully integrated silicon CMOS compatible gas flow or gas concentration sensors with improved properties.

The gas flow sensor will be based on the use of integrated thermopiles with their cold parts on bulk silicon and their hot parts on a polysilicon bridge covered by SiO2. Porous silicon technology will be applied to form the flow channel. This technology offers the possibility to produce thick sacrificial layers, resulting in deep bridges and thus permitting regular gas flow and reliable measurements. Compared to existing gas flow sensors based on the same principle, the proposed device offers the advantage of using a bridge on the front side of the wafer and avoiding an anisotropic etching of bulk silicon from its back side. By evaporating catalytic metals on the sensor structure, this will be converted into a calorimetric sensor for combustible gases. The use of the flow and concentration sensors in combination will provide new possibilities concerning gas metering applications.

Technology transfer from the European to the Mediterranean groups is also within the main objectives of this project.


National Center for Scientific
Research Demokritos
Aghia Paraskevi Attikis
GR-153 10 Athens, GR

EU Partners

National Center for Scientific Research, GR
University of Linköping, S

Non-EU Partners

University of Cyprus, CY
University of Ain Shams, EG


Mrs. Androula G. Nassiopoulos
Tel: +301 65 33 781
Fax: +301 65 11 723

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