Process Base-Plantstep Cooperation


Keywords: product data exchange, process industry

Start Date: 1 August 1994 / Status: finished / Duration: 18 months

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Objectivies and Approach

The objectives of the cooperation are:

The cooperation will involve several joint meetings in the US and Europe and joint public events. The cooperation will contribute to standardisation efforts in the STEP domain.

European links: ESPRIT project PROCESSBASE (6212).

Progress and Results

PROCESSBASE developed a neutral format based on the ISO-10303 Standard for the Exchange of Product (STEP) model data to exchange process plant functional data and schematics between CAD systems, analysis systems as well as between existing company process plant databases. A pilot implementation of the exchange software has been developed in order to validate the data models and the developed tools. The focus of the project was the development of interfaces designed to perform industrial data exchanges in power generation plants and chemical systems. A significant contribution of PROCESSBASE has been made to the development of the international STEP standard by the creation of application protocol AP221, functional data and their schematic representation for the process plant.

Information Dissemination Activities and/or Exploitation

The benefits offered to process industry include bulk data transfer based on standard neutral form at all stages of the process plant life cycle and access to functional, 2D schematic and 3D model information. Further, contractors and operators are reassured by demonstrations that exchange software based in neutral format is a good investment which brings direct commercial benefits such as reduced costs, improvement of the quality and shorter lead times.


Tour Framatome Cedex 16
F-92084-Paris la Défense, F

EU Partners

Framatome, F
Bertin et CIE, F
Initec, E
Caesar Systems Limited, UK
AKZO Nobel Engineering, NL
DRAL, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK

Non-EU Partners



Mr. Jacques Kerdilès
Tel: +33 1 47 96 35 44
Fax: +33 1 47 96 27 10

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