Algorithms for Future Technologies

ALTEC-IC - IC-1000

Keywords: computational methods, network models

Start Date: 12 March 1992 / Status: finished / Duration: 36 months

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Objectivies and Approach

The aim of this project is to intensify research on IT-algorithms in Europe and to further the development of algorithmic tools and techniques for the effective exploitation of novel programming techniques and programming support environments. This will be achieved by combining the expertise of Western and Central/Eastern European groups in a network of research cooperation

The project consists of information exchange. In the first phase, the partners will organise small workshops to acquaint each other with their respective expertise, select and install the necessary equipment and software environments (at the Central/Eastern European sites), and provide the necessary training and management for the cooperative research. In the second phase, the cooperative research, mostly on parallel systems and the impact of different programming techniques on algorithm analyses will take place. During this phase, the research will focus on the development of algorithmic tools for novel technologies and on models and techniques for future networks.

The major deliverables will be cooperative networking, joint research, research papers and pilot implementations.

The project should enable the Central/Eastern European sites to catch up with the Western state of the art and the Western European sites to amalgamate the more theoretically oriented work of Central/Eastern Europe with their ongoing efforts in the development, prototyping and testing of algorithms.

European links: ESPRIT ALCOM (7141).


Department of Computer Science, NL
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
Utrecht University
Padualaan, 14
NL-3508-TB Utrecht

EU Partners

Université de Bordeaux, F
Universität des Saarlandes, D

Non-EU Partners

Charles University, CZ
Warsaw University, PL
Hungarian Academy of Science, HU


Prof. J. Van Leeuwen
Tel: +31 30 531454
Fax: +31 30 513791

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ALTEC-IC - IC-1000, May 1997

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