European Information Technology Association


Keywords: SMEs, collaborative networks, IT industry

Start Date: 3 May 94 / Duration: 36 months

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Objectivies and Approach

The network is conceived as a means to allow the European Information Technology Association (E.I.T.A.) to study the IT industries in 7 proposed target states in Eastern Europe, especially in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, the Czech and Slovak States and Hungary. As a result, it is expected to encourage and invite companies from those countries to cooperate with E.I.T.A. and to help them become members of the Association. To this end, it is proposed that in order to derive the maximum benefit from the network, the following components should be included:

Progress and Results

To date, all of the above actions have been carried out and the newly identified members are being encouraged to participate fully in the activities of E.I.T.A..

Special sessions at all E.I.T.A. events are devoted to Central and East European themes to explore and develop meaningful collaborative measures.


European Information Technology Association
Chaussée de Saint Job 276
1180 Brussels, B

EU Partners

European Information Technology Association, B


Mr. Bob Cooper
Tel: +44 191 4021256
Fax: +44 191 4776486

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