Scientific Workbench Project


Keywords: scientific workbench, mathematical models, decision support systems

Start Date: 1 January 93 / Status: finished / Duration: 48 months

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Objectivies and Approach

The objective of the cooperation is to define a general theoretical framework for the problem of interaction between mathematical models and geographical databases and to check its validity by studying the specific issues of database/model interaction in selected application areas.

The European teams will mainly address the class of mathematical models used in operational research, while the American team will focus on the mathematical models based on partial differential equations.

European links: ESPRIT BRA project AMUSING (6881), ITU-Land project (7518).

Progress and Results

A prototype for the integration of mathematical models and spatial databases has been designed. It is assisted by a parallel architecture for the computationnaly heavy tasks. The land expert workbench contains spatial databases and tools for the management of the mathematical models, for spatial analysis and for the definition and application of qualitative rules.

The last period of the project is devoted to the evaluation of the prototype and to the study of its extensibility either to new platforms or to new browsers.

Information Dissemination Activities and/or Exploitation

It is expected that the results will be exploited in collaboration with industrial partners.

Results have been presented at conferences and published in the Lecture Notes in Computer Sciences series. Within SWOP, an advanced school on spatial data handling (Cini Foundation, Venice, February 1994) and a workshop on open architectures for real time land decision making (Alenia Spazio S.p.A., Rome, December 1994) have been organised.


Università di Roma La Sapienza
Dipartimento di Informatica e Sistemistica
Via Salaria, 113
I - 00198 ROMA, I

EU Partners

Università di Roma La Sapienza, I
National Technical University, Athens, GR

Non-EU Partners

University of California at Santa Barbara, USA


Prof. Dr. Maurizio Talamo
Tel: +39 6 853 00 829
Fax: +39 6 853 00 849

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SWOP - EC-US011, May 1997

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