Uncertainty Management in Information Systems


Keywords: uncertainty management, mathematical logic, fuzzy set theory

Start Date: 15 January 92 / Status: finished / Duration: 18 months

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Objectivies and Approach

The aim of UMIS was to apply the expertise of the uncertainty modelling community to the needs of the information systems community. This was done by bringing together leading researchers in the scientific communities of information systems (e.g. database systems, information retrieval systems, expert systems, office information systems) and uncertainty modelling (e.g. mathematical logic, probability theory, fuzzy set theory, possibility theory, and evidential models).

European links: The collaboration drew on a number of ESPRIT projects, including DRUMS II (6156) and TEMPORA (2469).

Progress and Results

The collaboration was organised around two workshops held in 1992 and 1993. The meetings brought together twelve participants from the US and twelve from Europe. The first workshop focused on the types of uncertainty encountered in common applications, and on the practical constraints that must be considered by developers and users of information systems. The second meeting considered various uncertainty models, and discussed their applicability and limitations.

Information Dissemination Activities and/or Exploitation

The results of UMIS are collected in a book, aimed at computer scientists and system developers, that should enable them to deal appropriately with uncertainty in future information systems development.


IRIDIA - Université Libre de Bruxelles
50 avenue Roosevelt, CP194/6
B - 1050 Brussels, B

EU Partners

Université Libre de Bruxelles, B

Non-EU Partners

George Mason University, USA


Prof. Philippe Smets
Tel: +32 2 650 27 29
Fax: +32 2 650 27 15
E-mail: psmets@ulb.ac.be

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UMIS - EC-US005, May 1997

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