Cooperative Research in Information Infrastructure


Keywords: information infrastructure, information society

Start Date: 1 February 1995 / Status: finished / Duration: 6 months

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Objectivies and Approach

Slovenian industries, services and research organisations shall be involved in the information exchange and in the development of the countries information infrastructure in order to keep this in coordination with the Unions plans and approaches. Specifica in Slovenia shall be analysed and in particular cooperative research with partners of the Union shall be carried out in the areas were Slovenian expertise can provide viable contribution to the EU's infrastructure.

Research shall be stimulated, where the special Slovenian situation makes it necessary, to harmonise the country's Information Infrastructure with that of the EU.

The project will take the approach to invite Slovenian organisations to propose specific actions in R&D in information infrastructures and in information society. The most appropriate proposals will then be selected by a panel of international experts from the EU and from Slovenia to be stated under the supervision of the Foundation.

Progress and Results

A call for proposals on Information Society R&D in Slovenia was launched and 16 proposals were received. With the assistance of a pannel of international experts, an evaluation was carried out and six proposals were selected and recommended to start under the project COP'96-198.

Information Dissemination Activities and/or Exploitation

Within the framework of the CRII project, the Slovenian Science Foundation is implementing a number of following:


Slovenian Science Foundation
Slovenska 50
SI-61000-Ljubljana, SI

Non-EU Partners

Slovenian Science Foundation, SI


Dr. Edvard Kobal
Tel: +386 61 126 35 90
Fax: +386 61 126 35 91

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CRII - EC-SI001, May 1997

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