A European/Canadian LOTOS Protocol Tool Set


Keywords: protocols, distributed systems, concurrent systems, specification, LOTOS, verification, formal description techniques, safety critical systems, E-LOTOS

Start Date: 1 January 1995 / Status: finished / Duration: 24 months

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Objectivies and Approach

The EUCALYPTUS 2 project is a two-year extension of the project EC-CAN001.

The objectives of EUCALYPTUS 2 are the application of the EUCALYPTUS Tool Set to large-size, industrial case studies, the improvement of the EUCALYPTUS tools, and contribution to the standarisation work on Extended LOTOS.

European links: ESPRIT BRA REACT (6021) and CONCUR-2 (7166), project 5341 (OSI95), COST-247, EUCALYPTUS (EC-CAN001).

Progress and Results

During the EUCALYPTUS 2 project, the EUCALYPTUS Tools have been used for the design and verification of complex applications. Many successful results have been obtained, some of which are: several mistakes in OSI standards have been found through the LOTOS analysis and have been reported to ISO; the correctness of the bus arbitration protocol used in Bull's Escala series of workstations and computers has been verified; successful attacks against a trusted third party protocol used for video-on-demand systems have been discovered automaticaly; formal verification and automatic generation of test suites have been performed for applications in the telecommunication field.

Information Dissemination Activities and/or Exploitation

The EUCALYPTUS Tools have been demonstrated during international conferences and installed in 125 sites in the world. The results obtained have been published in scientific journals and international conferences.

Several of the aforementioned case studies have been performed in close cooperation with Canadian and European industries, among which Bull and Bell Northern Research.

The EUCALYPTUS participants take part into the revision of the LOTOS standard that is currently in progress.

Further information is available from the project home page: http://www.inrialpes.fr/vasy/pub/eucalyptus.html.


rue Lavoisier

EU Partners

University of Liège, B

Non-EU Partners

Telecommunication Research Institute of Ontario, CAN
IDACOM-NSERC-CWAR University of Montreal, CAN


Dr. Hubert Garavel
Tel: +33 476 90 96 34
Fax: +33 476 41 36 20
E-mail: hubert.garavel@imag.fr

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EUCALYPTUS 2 - EC-CAN065, May 1997

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