Baltic Information Infrastructure Pilot


Keywords: commercial networking, information infrastructure, information society

Start Date: 18 May 94 / Status: finished / Duration: 12 months

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Objectivies and Approach

Information Infrastructure in the Baltic offers opportunities for rapid development and availability of information services and connectivity for the commercial sector. The Baltic Pilot actions investigate these opportunities, by resolving some critical network bottlenecks and experimenting with the use in commerce of information services in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Upgrades will be implemented on the existing data networks. The aim of the upgrades is:

Key benefits provided by the upgrade are readiness to connect more users, increased functionality and ability to provide better connectivity to the outside world.


Department of Telecommunication
of the State Chancellery of Estonia
Adala 4d
Tallinn EE 0006
Estonia, EE

Non-EU Partners

Department of Telecommunication
of the State Chancellery of Estonia, EE
Inst. of Mathematics and Computer Science of
University of Latvia, LV
Infostruktura enterprise of the Lithuanian Ministry of
Communication and Informatics, LT


Mr. Jaak Lippmaa
Tel: +372 6399000
Fax: +372 6399001

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