Product and Process Data Modelling for FMSs

PPDM-MC - CP96-52

Keywords: FMSs, simulation, CAD, CAM, SMEs

Start Date: open / Duration: 18 months

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Objectivies and Approach

The aim of the project is the construction of an FMS demonstration cell which will allow the modelling of the flow of information concerning materials and products for small and medium enterprises equipped with CNC machine tools. This FMS cell will be used for simulations and testing of real industrial solutions. The implementation of the results will be carried out directly in the OBR workshop in Poland. The prototype FMS cell will be constructed in the Technical University of Poznan.

The model FMS cell will demonstrate the utilisation of CAD/CAM, PPC and CAQ methods in manufacturing process planning on CNC machine tools for unitary and limited series production. It will also allow the optimisation of the manufacturing costs while the production flexibility is maintained. The code for the simulation will be developed in Poznan (PL), Kosice (SR), and Tallinn (EE). This software will be used in courses for students and industry engineers in the above mentioned countries.

The project will enable SMEs in Poland, Slovakia and Estonia that are equipped with CNC machine tools and devices to introduce modern computer techniques (PPC) for planning and limited series production controlling, for CNC machine tools manufacturing process planning (CAD/CAM), as well as for computer aided quality control and supervision (CAQ).


University of Galway-CIMRU, IRL

EU Partners

University of Galway-CIMRU, IRL

Non-EU Partners

Technical University, Poznan, PL
Technical University, Kosice, SK
Technical University, Tallinn, EE
Centre of Special Machine Tools, Poznan, PL


Mr. Jim Brown
Tel: +353 91 750 44 14
Fax: +353 91 562 894

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PPDM-MC - CP96-52, May 1997

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