Advanced Methodologies and Tools for Manufacturing Systems - Network of Excellence


Keywords: CIME, training

Start Date: open / Duration: 36 months

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Objectivies and Approach

The scientific Network on Advanced Methodologies and Tools of Manufacturing Systems AMETMAS-NOE aims to group research teams from both academic and industrial environments with common long term technological goals and to coordinate their research and their training policy. AMETMAS-NOE will coordinate and strengthen research, training activities and industrial linkages within Central and Eastern European researchers involved in CIME and their counterparts in the other European countries.

The specific coordination activities include strategies, infrastructure, dissemination, as well as educational and technology transfer. The dissemination of results and the coordination of the research efforts will take place via advanced summer schools with published educational material, workshops, the publication of a joint newsletter, the organisation of special sessions within international conferences, and publications in international journals.

The tasks, involvement and the particular role of each node of the network have been identified. In order to obtain an optimal coordination of the network, a Steering Committee, a Scientific Board and a Network Coordinator have been foreseen.

AMETMAS-NOE will be coordinated together with the ESPRIT Network of Excellence 9251 ICIMS-NOE, which has more than 60 academic and 50 industrial nodes.


University of Patras, GR

EU Partners

University of Patras, GR
University of Galway, IRL
University of Karlshrue, D
Katholieke Universiteit, Leuven, B
Polytechnical University, Torino, I
Technical University, Eindhoven, NL
University of Cardiff, UK
Hut-University, Helsinki, FIN
City University, London, UK
University of Strathclyde, UK

Non-EU Partners

Hungarian Academy of Science, HU
Research Institute of Informatics, RO
Czech Academy of Sciences, CZ
Slovak Academy of Sciences, SK
Russian Academy of Science, RU
Technical University, Sofia, BG
Technical University, Riga, LV
University of Kharkov, UA
Technology University of Kaunas, LT
Technical University, Warsaw, PL
Laboratory of Hierarchical Multilevel Systems, BY
State University of Belarus, BY
University UFA, RU
Russian Academy of Science, RU
University of Moscow, RU


Mr. Peter Groumpos
Tel: +30 61 997 309
Fax: +30 61 997 309

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AMETMAS-NOE - CP96-26, May 1997

please address enquiries to the ESPRIT Information Desk

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