Urban Planning and Environmental Monitoring via GIS in Eastern Europe

URBAN - CP96-252

Keywords: GIS, urban planning, environmental monitoring, training, environmental protection

Start Date: open / Duration: 24 months

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Objectivies and Approach

URBAN is conducting pilot applications and demonstration actions based on available GIS software technology developed for the EC. The project is addressing the management of Urban Planning and Environmental Monitoring via GIS in Eastern Europe (URBAN). It will deliver functional demonstrators in the local governments and municipalities in Bulgaria and Romania and in industry in the areas of cartography, urban planning, and environmental protection.

The project will deliver three operational pilot-prototype GIS systems: a unified information system, a central strategy for system analysis, and an industrial business plan with industrial added value benefits for both the local authorities of the countries concerned and the participating industrial partners. The project will additionally deliver a training programme in databases and GIS, three fully functioning demonstrators, a requirements study for Bulgaria and Romania, and a plan for exploitation, demonstration and dissemination.



EU Partners


Non-EU Partners

Varna Municipality, BG
Bourgas Municipality, BG
Technical University, Varna, BG
Galatzi Municipality, RO


Prof. Marc Bonazountas
Tel: +30 1 68 00 700
Fax: +30 1 68 42 420
E-mail: epsilon@promotheus.hol.gr

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URBAN - CP96-252, May 1997

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