PAN-European Network in Multifunctional Microsystems


Keywords: multifunctional microsystems, microsystems technology

Start Date: open / Duration: 12 months

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Objectivies and Approach

The networks NEXUSEAST and NEXUSPAN were launched to supplement and expand the activities of the ESPRIT Network of Excellence in Multifunctional Microsystems, NEXUS, towards cooperation with and integration of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and the new independent States (NIS) of the former Soviet Union. Microsystems Technology (MST) is considered one of the most promising technologies for future European industrial competitiveness.

In its second phase, NEXUSPAN will supplement the NEXUS work focused on Western Europe by providing information on the status and development of MST and supplying links to key MST institutes and companies in Eastern Europe. The work will take into account the different R&D structure in the CEE/NIS countries and operate towards close cooperation between institutes and industry from Eastern and Western Europe.

Considering the achievements in the coordination of more than 50 NEXUSPAN members from 16 countries in the first phase, the following clearly defined activities will be executed:

As a result, it is expected that NEXUSPAN will shortly include and coordinate up to 100 members from all CEE/NIS, leading to close links and efficient cooperation between East and West Europe in the field of MST. All activities will be disseminated both electronically and via the widely acknowledged newsletter "mst-news". To achieve a greater awareness of the specific situation in the CEE/NIS an "mst-news" special on Eastern Europe will be prepared. NEXUSPAN is launched as a part of NEXUS.



EU Partners

Schlumberger, F

Non-EU Partners

Institute of Microtechnology, Bucharest, RO
University of Warszawa, Dep. of Electronics Materials, PL
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, BG
Technical University, Brno, CZ
Sensori System R&T Centre, GE
Technical University, Budapest, HU
Centre for Analysis of Substances, RU
Slovak University, SK
University of Odessa II, UA
State University of Yerevan, AM
Belarus Academy of Science, BY
Technical University, Tallinn, EE
University of Latvia, LV
Technology University of Kaunas, LT
Institute Kurchatov, RU
H.I.T. Uherske Hradiste, CZ
Contec, PL
Vigotor Co, PL
Cassovia Technopolis, SI
Ukranalyt, UA


Dr. Schutze Andreas
Tel: +49 33 28 43 50
Fax: +49 33 28 43 51 41

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NEXUSPAN - CP96-249, May 1997

please address enquiries to the ESPRIT Information Desk

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