Lely SiC High Temperature Power Diode Fabrication


Keywords: microelectronics, high temperature electronics, semiconductors

Start Date: open / Duration: 18 months

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Objectivies and Approach

Though the worldwide state of knowledge in SiC technology is already well advanced (as demonstrated by prototypes holding records at high temperature, high voltage and high microwave power), the SiC devices market is behind due to basic material problems. Actually, the "Lely modified" SiC substrates, which are more suitable for large scale wafer production, suffer from a high density of structural defects and they are not yet acceptable for large active area components. On the other side, the very pure "Lely" SiC substrates are no longer fabricated, and only 1 cm2-area substrates are available today from a remaining stock that belongs to the Russian Company "Compozit" Ltd. However, the main investigator in SiC growth technique by the "Lely" method is still the manager of "Compozit".

Having gathered three important partners in this field - a good quality SiC supplier ("Compozit" Ltd., RU), a technology provider for High Temperature Power Diodes (LSPD laboratory, RU), and a semiconductor industry interested in SiC components manufacturing (BANEASA, RO) -, the aim of this project is to demonstrate the feasibility of a Lely SiC high temperature (300°C) power (400 V, 5A) diode fabrication in industrial environments. The main role of the French, Romanian and Spanish research teams also involved in the project is to bring their skills in designing, modelling and characterising SiC devices and material. The birth of an innovative high temperature power diodes commercialisation in Romania, and the renewal of a "Lely" SiC material industrial production in Russia (with an enhanced substrate size) are the two main objectives of this project.



EU Partners


Non-EU Partners

Physical & Technical Institute Ioffe, RU
Compozit Ltd., RU
Baneasa S.A., RO
Polytechnical University, Bucharest, RO


Prof. Jean-Pierre Chante
Tel: +33 4 724 38 238
Fax: +33 4 724 38 530
E-mail: chante@cegely.insa-lyon.fr

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PODILESCA - CP96-211, May 1997

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