Information Society and Industrial Development in Central and Eastern Europe


Keywords: networking, communication infrastructure , EDI, LANs, commercial databases

Start Date: open / Duration: 18 months

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Objectivies and Approach

This project deals with the dissemination and effective use of information and communication technologies for business processes and industrial development in Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, and the Ukraine. A study will first map the degree and nature of the industrial utilisation of the communication infrastructure for network computing, data transfer, EDI, information systems management and business processes. This project focuses on the conditions for an effective use of computer networking in Central and Eastern Europe and thus on one of the principal means for the integration of Central and Eastern Europe industries in the EU and the world economy.

Accordingly, the research objectives are to qualitatively and quantitatively evaluate the current trajectory and prospects for a beneficial use of industrial computer networking in the four chosen countries. The obstacles to a beneficial trajectory will be assessed along with the means to overcome these obstacles in terms of opportunities for industry in the use of computer networks and appropriate public policy measures.

The following applications will be dealt with: E-mail, EDI, information systems management, LAN interconnections for working groups, commercial databases. Particular attention will be paid to barriers to an effective use in terms of training requirements, organisation and structure of enterprises and the nature and extent of complementary business services.


University of Sunderland, UK

EU Partners

University of Sunderland, UK
Nexus Europe, IRL

Non-EU Partners

Academy of Economics, Cracow, PL
Technology University of Kaunas, LT
Zaporozhye Academy, UA
Iku Innovation Research Centre, HU


Mr. Jersy Hausner
Tel: +48 12 167 731
Fax: +48 12 210 099

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INFOSOCEE - CP96-198, May 1997

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