Road Freight Transport Demand and Supply Information Systems - a Telematic Pilot Tool for Europe

FRETRIS - CP96-183

Keywords: road freight transport, databases

Start Date: open / Duration: 24 months

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Objectivies and Approach

The project FRETRIS aims at the development of a pilot information system that will provide reliable information on the supply and the demand for road freight transport in the Balkan corridor (Romania, Bulgaria and Greece). This information system will be accessible by all members of the transportation related community in the mentioned countries.

In a first phase, the partners will clearly identify the users' requirements as well as the functional requirements of the system. Then the application for the road freight transport will be designed according to these requirements, the system architecture will be defined and the hardware and the software modules will be determined. The next step will be the building of the FRETRIS database and the procedures for its continuous updating.

In the development phase, FRETRIS will be installed and demonstrated as a pilot implementation. It will then be tested along the lines that will have been determined by the users. A training programme for the end-users of the FRETRIS system will be planned and the feasibility of the creation of public FRETRIS help-desks will be investigated. Guidelines for a large scale implementation of the FRETRIS system will be set. The short term technological results of the pilot implementation will be evaluated and a medium term evaluation plan for a large scale implementation will be established.


Databank, GR

EU Partners

Databank, GR
Octacon, UK

Non-EU Partners

Institute of Informatics, RO
Glossy, RO
Institute of Computer and Communication, BG


Mr. Adam Frantzis
Tel: +30 1 649 48 30
Fax: +30 1 649 00 12

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FRETRIS - CP96-183, May 1997

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