Universal Microprocessor Controlled Sensorless Industrial Electric Drives


Keywords: control systems, electric drives, microprocessors, energy conservation, power systems control

Start Date: open / Duration: 36 months

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Objectivies and Approach

A very large proportion of the industrial electrical power consumption of any nation is attributed to electric drives that, in many cases, run at a nominally constant speed. Numerous applications, however, would benefit from continuously variable speed drives that drastically improve the overall system efficiency and thereby save a very significant amount of energy with ecological benefits. The goal of the proposed research project is to achieve this inexpensively via the development and implementation of a new speed control principle for electric drives without shaft sensors, integrated with a switch matrix converter operated with a switching strategy for which a novel approach is proposed. It is intended to minimise both hardware and cost while maximising performance and versatility by fully exploiting available digital processing technology with sophisticated software implemented control principles that could not be replicated in a "hardware alone" solution.

This new approach is intended to form a framework that may be built upon and improved. All the partners would be given the freedom to fully utilise their creativity in developing and cross-fertilising their ideas to culminate in a better final solution than would be generated by one partner in isolation, all the foreseen practical problems having been solved. This would lead to ultimate implementation of the new drive in the partners' countries.


University of East London, UK

EU Partners

University of East London, UK
University of Bologna, I

Non-EU Partners

University of Transports, Zilina, SK
Institute of Control Sciences, RU
EVPU Nova Dubnica, SK
Elvic, RU


Mr. Stephen Dodds
Tel: +44 1 81590 77 22
Fax: +44 1 81849 35 47
E-mail: s.j.dodds@uel.ac.uk

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UNIDRIVE - CP96-169, May 1997

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