Transferring European Fieldbus Technology to Countries of Central Europe

TRAFICC - CP96-161

Keywords: fieldbus technology, automation systems

Start Date: open / Duration: 24 months

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Objectivies and Approach

The objective of this project is the establishment of new fieldbus competence centers and will pursue the following subgoals: As a first action, the researchers will be trained in order to become experts. Then, an infrastructure will be built up that consists of a technical and an operational part. The technical part consists of three fieldbus-based automation systems placed in each of the CEE/NIS participants' facilities, which will serve as research objects and know-how multipliers for industry. Each of the systems should have multi-vendor capabilities, which means that products of various companies can be successfully integrated in one system. Their design will consider the specific industrial characteristics and conditions and reflect the specific situation of the related industries. The built-up systems will also have demonstrator charateristics in order to show the advantages of the European fieldbus technology to the industry. The three demonstrators will cover different manufacturing branches. In the operational part of this subgoal, the new competence centers should transfer the gained knowledge to industry. In the third subgoal, long term cooperation between CEE/NIS and EU partners will be set up.

All these subgoals will be reached in close cooperation between the participants. The dissemination of the results is another important aspect of this proposal. Dissemination actions include joint seminars for industry in Central Europe during which the transferred knowledge will be forwarded to people from industry, participation in expert conferences and joint publications.


Technical University
Munich, D

EU Partners

Technical University, Munich, D
Technical University, Vienna, A
Institute of Technology, Bern, CH

Non-EU Partners

University of Wroclaw, PL
Technical University, Budapest, HU
Czech Technical University (CTU), CZ


Mr. Klaus Bender
Tel: +49 89 210 55 300
Fax: +49 89 210 55 310

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TRAFICC - CP96-161, May 1997

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