Cooperative Research in Information Infrastructure

CRII 2 - CP96-154

Keywords: information infrastructure, information society

Start Date: open / Duration: 30 months

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Objectivies and Approach

The CRII project is conceived as an umbrella project consisting of several subprojects linked by the unifying theme of "Information Society". The two European Union partners bring to the project the necessary experience in the fields of project management and information technology so as to ensure a successful outcome.

The idea behind this project is to contribute to the development of information society in Slovenia by several well-targeted technology demonstration subprojects in areas inspired by "Europe and the Global Information Society" and by one subproject devoted to social issues of information society. An important subsidiary goal is to contribute toward the convergence of methods, standards, and procedures in the area of information society activities in Slovenia and the EU. The activities leading up to this proposal have been supported by a grant from DG III of the EC. This provided the necessary support and administrative infrastructure in order to set up an international panel of experts to help in the choice and supervision of the subprojects, a public call for subproject proposals, the evaluation of proposals received and the selection of a small number of subprojects that will be included in the umbrella project.

The aforementioned selection process has singled out the following subproject proposals as meriting further consideration and support:

An important subsidiary goal for the Slovenian Science Foundation within this project is the creation of an infrastructure that would permit the efficient management of similar international projects in the future.


European Public Policy Advisers, B

EU Partners

European Public Policy Advisers, B
TransEuropean Research and Education, NL

Non-EU Partners

Slovenska Znanstvena Fundacija, SI


Prof. Vilfan Bostjan
Tel: +386 61 176 83 91
Fax: +386 61 126 76 30

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CRII 2 - CP96-154, May 1997

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