Applications of Hamlet Tools to Embedded Medical Instruments Design

AHMED - CP96-144

Keywords: parallel processing, transputers, embedded systems, medical imaging

Start Date: open / Duration: 18 months

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Objectivies and Approach

The development of parallel computing environments and parallel algorithms for medical images require a high-level professional software engineering environment supporting each phase of a multi-transputer system design. Such a software environment is the HAMLET tool set, developed within ESPRIT project 6290.

The main objective of the AHMED project is to demonstrate the industrial applicability of the HAMLET tool set. HAMLET was developed to support the design of transputer-based embedded systems. Within the current project we intend to assess the applicability of HAMLET in general, as well as in the particular case of the urine analyser Seditron, a multi-transputer based instrument developed by ASK Ltd.


University of Westminster, UK

EU Partners

University of Westminster, UK
Genias Software GmbH, D

Non-EU Partners

Research Institute KFKI, HU
ASK Ltd., HU


Dr. Stephen Winter
Tel: +44 171 911 50 99
Fax: +44 171 911 51 43

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AHMED - CP96-144, May 1997

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