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Keywords: weather prediction tools, weather forecasting

Start Date: open / Duration: 36 months

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Objectivies and Approach

ALADIN is the general acronym for the fine-mesh spectral limited area numerical weather prediction model of which the validation and evaluation were the subject of the PECO action 92-4029. The result of this action has been coded as a flexible tool in which the geographical extension of the domain, the horizontal and vertical resolution and many other parameters can be customised according to the user.

The use of the ALADIN tool will allow to have operational forecasts over France and neighbouring countries at a resolution of 12 km twice a day. A main direction for the Central European countries to use ALADIN on their own will be offered by the future Regional Centre for Limited Area modelling for Central Europe (RC-LACE) and the South-Eastern European Limited Area Model (SELAM). The ALADIN model will be run in a unique centre and the forecasts will be distributed via telecommunication links to all partners. The operation should start in 1998.

One of the objectives of this action is to stabilise the work, the collaboration and the links which resulted from the PECO contribution in each country. A benefit of the ALADIN project has been to reintroduce the Central European National Meteorological Services in the European Concert of Numerical Weather Prediction at the same level as their Western European counterparts. The EWGLAM (European Working Group on Limited Area Modelling) annual meeting is the opportunity to keep in touch with other groups working on similar projects.



EU Partners

Meteorological Institute, Copenhagen, DK

Non-EU Partners

Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology, Sofia, BG
Czech Hydrometeorological Institute,, CZ
Hungarian Meteorological Institute,, HU
Institute of Meteorology and Water, Warsaw, PL
Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology, Bucharest, RO
Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute, Bratislava, SK


Mr. Joel Hofman
Tel: +31 5 610 78 473
Fax: +31 5 610 78 453

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ALADIN-KIT - CP96-142, May 1997

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