Transferring CHARADE Technology in Central and Eastern Europe

TRACE - CP96-138

Keywords: technology transfer, environmental emergencies, human-computer interfaces, fire fighting

Start Date: open / Duration: 24 months

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Objectivies and Approach

The main objective of the TRACE project is the transfer of the European technology developed in the project CHARADE, within which a generic platform for handling environmental emergencies was developed. TRACE aims at demonstrating the viability of transferring this technology both in new operational contexts and in other application domains.

The project takes input also from the European VALUE project EUCEP, which deals with a feasibility study for the exploitation of CHARADE in western Europe, in particular Spain and Portugal.

The TRACE workplan foresees two main phases:

Activities include: training and use of user-centred techniques for the design, development and evaluation of complex interaction systems; development of a task editor supporting requirement analysis, functional design, interaction design and user interface layout definition; improvement of the basic layer of the CHARADE platform; tailoring and improvement of constraint based tools used in CHARADE for planning and scheduling fire interventions; development of a pilot application for the wind throw assessment in Romanian forests; and development of a pilot application for fire fighting in Bulgarian hard massifs.


Italsoft, I

EU Partners

Italsoft, I
P.G.C.C. Technologie, D
Finmeccanica, I

Non-EU Partners

Institute of Informatics, RO
Institute of Forest Research and Management, RO
Bulgarian Academy of Science, BG
Isomatic Laboratory, BG


Mr. Robert Paggio
Tel: +39 66 86 89 08
Fax: +39 66 87 52 74

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TRACE - CP96-138, May 1997

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