A Distributed Expert System for the Management of a National Network


Keywords: parallel processing, distributed expert systems, WAN management, networking

Start Date: open / Duration: 18 months

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Objectivies and Approach

The main objective of the project is to develop a distributed expert system for the management of the National Network of Ukraine. The development of expert systems for WAN management is still at an experimental stage. There are difficulties in the formalisation of such a task, because of the lack of adequate information about network states, the large scale of behaviour characteristics, and the continuous evolution of the network environment. The absence of practical and verified expert systems for large, complex and modern technological systems like WANs demonstrates the complexity of the task. Distributed expert systems using cooperative problem solving with new general conflict detection mechanisms and conflict resolution strategies should be developed in order to accomplish the adaptation of expert systems to WAN management according to the structure and goals of different subnetworks integrated into the National Ukrainian WAN.

The design of the expert system that will be developed should support both general network management knowledge and specific knowledge for the management of the specific node type. Therefore, the expert system that will be developed should be adapted to the requirements of the specific node types. Furthermore, different interfaces between the expert system instances and the local WAN management software must be developed in order to facilitate the ease of information exchange between the two components of the local management software.


Aristotelean University
Thessaloniki, GR

EU Partners

Aristotelean University, Thessaloniki, GR
Link Systems S.A., GR
Technical University, Madrid, E

Non-EU Partners

ML Consulting and Computing, HU
Technosoft, UA
Ukranian Academy of Science, UA


Mr. Ioanis Vlahavas
Tel: 30 31 998 412
Fax: 30 31 998 419
E-mail: vlahavas@olymp.ccf.auth.gr

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EXPERNET - CP96-114, May 1997

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