The Creation of a Software Tool for the Resist Heating Effect Correction in Electron Beam Lithography on the Base of Experimental Investigation and Verification


Keywords: microelectronics, resist heating, electron beam lithography

Start Date: 1 April 95 / Duration: 24 months

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Objectivies and Approach

The objectives of the project are the development and the implementation of a new software tool to simulate and compensate the resist heating effects in electron beam lithography. SET-SERVIS will develop and implement the model for the simulation. ICS will evaluate and demonstrate the exactness of the model and the efficiency of the correction method. AISS will integrate the heating effect model in the proximity correction package PROXECCO to compensate the heating effects. The correction of the heating effect will be done in two ways, with the modulation of the energy of the electron beam, and with pattern optimisation and resizing.

With the integration of the heating effect simulation and correction model in the well-known program PROXECCO with hierarchically based data structures and algorithms, industrial applications of high complexity, such as 256 Mbit Ram, are possible.

Progress and Results

Work in the first project period includes: investigation of the resist heating effects;development and installation of experimental methods for the investigation of the heating effects; creation of a theory of heat distortions; introduction of the "heat extra dose" concept for the quantitative description of heating influences; implementation of an advanced analytical model for the description of the temperature distribution regarding the dynamic behaviour of the effect; development and implementation of a method to predict the temperature distribution in the exposer process.

The heating effect correction based on the developed and evaluated simulation model will be the main issue in the second OBJECTIVES AND APPROACH

Various papers on the heating effect simulation and correction in e-beam lithography have been submitted to international conferences. First discussions with e-beam equipment vendors have taken place and shown that vendors have a high interest in a powerful software solution to reduce heating effect influences.


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