New Methods for Thermal Investigation of Integrated Circuits


Keywords: thermal sensors, thermal simulation, thermal measurements, microelectronics , integrated circuits

Start Date: 1 February 95 / Duration: 36 months

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Objectivies and Approach

This project aims to develop new methods for thermal investigations of integrated circuits, based on temperature monitoring using novel sensor elements. Work includes:

Progress and Results

The results obtained to date are as follows: the electro-thermal simulator developed at the TUB and the thermal simulator developed at the TUL have been connected to CADENCE; several thermal sensors have been designed and tested; SEMILAB has already completed the system design of the new thermal transient recording hardware and the circuit design of the main functional blocks.

Information Dissemination Activities and/or Exploitation

The first international THERMINIC workshop on Thermal Investigations of ICs and Microstructures was held in Grenoble in September 1995. The second workshop has been organised in Budapest in 1996. Four special issues of international journals have resulted as follow-ups of these two workshops.

The partners are very active in disseminating their results by presentations at conferences and workshops and publications in theoretical and technical journals.


University Joseph Fourier
TIMA Laboratory
Avenue Félix Viallet 46
F-38031 Grenoble Cedex, F

EU Partners

University Joseph Fourier, F

Non-EU Partners

Technical University of Budapest, TUB, HU
Technical University of Lodz, TUL, PL
Technical University of Lviv, UA
SEMILAB Semiconductor Physics Laboratory, HU


Dr. Bernard Courtois
Tel: +33 76 57 46 15
Fax: +33 76 47 38 14

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THERMINIC - CP94-922, May 1997

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