Contacts, Encapsulants and Packaging for High Temperature Silicon Carbide Microelectronics

Project - CP94-603

Keywords: FETs, high temperature electronics, silicon carbide, packaging, microwave power devices, free-space communication

Start Date: 1 January 95 / Status: finished / Duration: 24 months

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Objectivies and Approach

The aim of the project is to realise metallic contacts that can withstand high temperatures and packages that can endure high thermal stress on silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductor devices. Reliable high temperature ohmic and Schottky contacts will be demonstrated, and a specific package for high power (around 100 W) microwave field effect transistors (FETs) will be developed. This package will be developed for high volume production as a mid term target of the project.

Progress and Results

The main objectives of the project have been fulfilled. Metallic contacts, both ohmic and Schottky, that can withstand high temperatures (> 500°C) have been defined and demonstrated. Packages that can endure high thermal stress (> 350°C) have been designed and have shown good microwave adaptation properties at 1 GHz on a 2 W preliminary characterisation trial.

Information Dissemination Activities and/or Exploitation

The partners have presented results in journals and at conferences (a list of publications may be requetsed from the coordinator). The project will help promote a credible packaging industry in Eastern Europe for high power microwave SiC FETs.


Domaine de Corbeville
F-91404 Orsay Cedex, F

EU Partners

University of Linköping, S

Non-EU Partners

Bulgarian Academy of Science, Sofia, BG
Small Enterprise to the Institute of Applied Physics, Plovdiv, BG
Research Institute for Technical Physics, Budapest, HU


Dr. Christian Brylinski
Tel: +33 1 69 33 92 51
Fax: +33 1 69 33 08 66

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Project - CP94-603, May 1997

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