Volume Stabilised Chiral Liquid Crystal for Displays Applications

VSCLCD - CP94-168

Keywords: liquid crystals, displays

Start Date: 1 May 95 / Duration: 30 months

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Objectivies and Approach

The goal of the project is a prototype technology for manufacturing flat, low power, high information content, liquid crystal displays suitable for the dynamics requirements of high definition television (HDTV).

The proposed new technology is based on the assumption that the mechanical and electrooptical properties of the standard surface stabilised ferroelectric liquid crystal displays can be significantly improved if composite materials consisting of ferrroelectric liquid crystals and polymers are used instead of pure ferroelectric liquid crystalline materials.

Progress and Results

During the first year, the research has been concentrated on the study and the parameter optimisation of various composite ferroelectric liquid crystalline materials. New series of substances with chiral structure -chosen because of their relatively low price- have been synthesised. The optical properties, phase transitions and network morphologies of FLC (ferroelectric liquid crystal) gels have been studied under different conditions. This effort is continued during the second year.

In the second year, the research is mainly dedicated to the development of the surface stabilised FLC display technology and its adaptation to the specific requirements of the new composite materials.

The new technical solutions and the understanding of the properties of the materials used will provide a solid background for the future development of the polymer VSFLC (volume stabilised ferroelectric liquid crystal) display prototypes of the fast bistable FLC optical shutters, as well as of a matrix (100x200) addressable VSFLC display with inherent memory and fast dynamics that will be further evaluated in order to be used for optical projection applications.


CNRS/University of Nice
Physique de la Matière Condensée
Parc Valrose
F-06108 Nice, F

EU Partners

CNRS/University of Nice, F
Chalmers University, S

Non-EU Partners

Jozef Stefan Institute, SI
Institute of Physics of the AoS, CZ


Dr. Pierre Sixou
Tel: +33 04 92 07 67 51
Fax: +33 04 92 07 67 54
E-mail: sixou@naxos.unice.fr

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VSCLCD - CP94-168, May 1997

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