Rapid Prototyping of Object-Oriented Production Planning and Control Systems for Industrial SMEs

RaPOrt - CP94-1191

Keywords: object oriented analysis, production planning, control systems, simulation, rapid prototyping

Start Date: 1 April 95 / Duration: 24 months

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Objectivies and Approach

The objective of the project is to provide a set of tools and a methodology to support the implementation of Production Planning and Control (PPC) systems for industrial SMEs. The tools will allow the formal description of PPC requirements, the derivation of object-oriented models of production systems and the rapid prototyping of the PPC applications through the configuration of a generic application. The process will be assisted by a knowledge base capable of adapting a generic object-oriented model of PPC systems to specific user needs. The system will enable CIME designers to develop models quickly and prototype applications based on the specific needs of the manufacturing enterprise. The applications may act as simulation tools or serve as a basis for developing a final solution or selecting and adapting existing software. The tool set will consist of a requirement workbench enabling the designer to formally describe the production system and generate PPC/DSS requirements, a knowledge based configurator module assisting the derivation of the final model, and a prototype of the tool set which will be evaluated through pilot applications.

European links: The project will be based on the layered modularised PPC architecture developed within the ESPRIT projects COSIMA (477) and IMPACS (2338) as well as the prototyping methodology of the project CIMPLE (5424).

Progress and Results

After an analysis of the structural characteristics of the industrial SMEs in Central and Eastern European countries, the COSIMA PPC aechitecture has been specifically adapted to the identified needs at a conceptual level. The derived architecture proposal maintains the modular characteristics of COSIMA while down-sizing the system in order to render it more appropriate for small SMEs. An object-oriented conceptual model of the proposed architecture has been constructed and further refined in order to form the basis of the final system design. The model has been implemented on top of a CASE tool that enables a straightforward implementation into a prototype system.

Information Dissemination Activities and/or Exploitation

A number of coordinated dissemination activities by all partners are planned for the final phase of the project. These include the organisation of a series of workshops in the three countries (GR, RO and SI) to which representatives of both industry and academia will be invited. In Romania, the workshop will be completed by extensive demonstrations of the practical use of the tools in the pilot user's plant. The results will be published in scientific journals and presented at European industry specific conferences.


Archimedes Ltd.
Syngrou 377
GR-175 64 Paleo Faliro, GR

EU Partners

Archimedes Ltd., GR

Non-EU Partners

Research Institute for Informatics (ICI), RO
Institute Jozef Stefan (IJS), SI


Mr. Gregory Farmakis
Tel: +30 1 930 83 01
Fax: +30 1 930 83 03
E-mail: gregory@y-net.gr

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RaPOrt - CP94-1191, May 1997

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