Reconstruction and Analysis of Complex Objects for Building CAD Models Based on Measured Data

RECCAD - CP94-1068

Keywords: geometric modelling, 3D scanning, vision systems, CAD, reverse engineering

Start Date: 1 April 95 / Duration: 36 months

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Objectivies and Approach

The objective of this project is to build computer representations of complex three-dimensional objects from measured data. Input will be from optical/laser based vision systems and coordinate measuring machines. A CAD model to be constructed from this data; the CAD model may range from an approximate one to an accurate one depending on the purposes for which it is to be used. The project will also aim to deal with a range of complexities of objects, from simpler ones bounded by planar, natural quadric and toroidal surfaces through to more general freeform surfaces. The work will involve taking known ideas from both the computer vision and solid modelling fields, extending them, and making them work together towards a unified objective.

Progress and Results

Interfaces between the various phases of the project have been defined and implemented. Data acquisition from a variety of sources is well in hand, and progress has been made on segmenting primary surfaces from depth data. Techniques have been devised for filtering and reducing the original data before segmentation is applied. Preliminary results on constructing solid models from the segmented primary surfaces are now available, but much remains to be done in this area.

Various industrial applications have been considered in addition to the basic research.

Information Dissemination Activities and/or Exploitation

The results of the project will be incorporated in software library which will be marketed by the commercial partner. Partial results have also been presented at relevant international conferences.


University of Wales College of Cardiff
Dept. of Computer Science
PO Box 916
UK-Cardiff CF2 4YN, UK

EU Partners

University of Wales College of Cardiff, UK

Non-EU Partners

Computer & Automation Institute, HU
CADMUS Consulting & Development, HU
University of Ljubljana,
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, SI
Czech Technical University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, CZ


Dr. Ralph Martin
Tel: +44 1222 874 00 00 x 5536
Fax: +44 1222 874 598

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RECCAD - CP94-1068, May 1997

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