Microcontroller Framed Innovative Technology Instruments for Adaptive Control

MFIT - CP93-9630

Keywords: control instrumentation, digital control, intelligent control, low cost automationl, process control

Start Date: 1 June 1994 / Status: finished / Duration: 30 months

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Objectivies and Approach

The project is concerned with the development and production of low-cost, innovative digital instruments (controllers and probes) for the control of industrial processes. These instruments will combine a control hardware environment with innovative algorithmic control techniques based on the knowledge and experience of control specialists; the probes help to analyse the controlled process and can advise the operator to change controller parameters.

The project includes development and production of a digital controller and the design of algorithmic tools and software, including a digital expert-advisor. The latter should substitute for the experience of control operators an integrating set of ingenious algorithmic rules based on recent research results. Adaptive control and other control algorithms for industrial processes will also be considered. The controller hardware uses microcontrollers and its design and production is based on standard components allowing product modularity. Host software will allow the controller to be connected to any computer having a standard communication line. Such an instrument that incorporates conventional and advanced control capabilities at a low cost, can have a wide variety of applications in low cost automation of industrial plants in Eastern European countries.

Progress and Results

Different prototypes of two innovative instruments - a Microcontroller Compact Regulator ZEPADIC 10, and a Real time Instrument CTRL for interfacing with the MATLAB software - have been produced and tested. Modifications in hardware and software have taken place, and, in particular, some new control algorithms are implemented.

Information Dissemination Activities and/or Exploitation

The project will lead to medium or large-scale production of low cost industrial controllers by the end of 1966. Partial results have been presented in several conferences and meetings in France and Germany.


University of Louvain - Centre for Systems Engineering
and Applied Mechanics (CESAME)
Bat. Euler - Avenue Georges Lemaitre, 4

EU Partners

University of Louvain - Centre for Systems Engineering, B
University of Strathclyde, UK

Non-EU Partners

Czech Academy of Sciences
Institute of Information Theory and Automation, CZ
Systems for Industrial Automation (ZPA) - Research Center, CZ


Prof. Raymond Gorez
Tel: +32 10 47 23 76
Fax: +32 10 47 21 80
E-mail: gorez@auto.ucl.ac.be

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MFIT - CP93-9630, May 1997

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