East European Microelectronics Cooperation Network of Support and Competence Centres of Central and East European Countries

EEMCN - CP93-7668

Keywords: CAD, integrated circuits, system design, microelectronics, ASICs, technology transfer

Start Date: 1 July 93 / Status: finished / Duration: 39 months

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Objectivies and Approach

The objectives of this project are to re-establish contacts, overcome the communication barriers, involve East European colleagues in the European community of Research and Training in the field of Microelectronics Design.

This will be achieved through support for national R&D infrastructures, and by the establishment of national Support and Competence Centres (SCCs), which will support small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), transfer technology, and improve the chances for participating in EU R&D programmes.

The network will address the objectives by demonstrating advanced microelectronics applications (for example in the field of environment protection, power supply and controllers) encouraging joint research projects, providing access to the latest R&D results in applications of microelectronics, transferring new technologies into the national SMEs and qualifying engineers and researchers of the SMEs by training.

The network is open to all countries that meet all the conditions of the EC for a participation. Furthermore, the required competence in research, development and cooperation in the field of applications in microelectronics is offered. The competence has to be proved in a proper manner. New applicants have to point out the motivation and reasons for their participation.

European links: EUROCHIP (6573), ChipShop (6318), COMETT JTTT; "Functional Test Generation and Diagnosis" (FUTEG, COP92-9624), EUROPRACTICE, TEMPUS.

Progress and Results

Three workshops and meetings have been held. All partners have been equipped with standard communication facilities, most of them with internationally available CAD systems. The following SCCs have been set up: Latvian Integrated Electronics Center in Riga, Electronics Competence Center in Tallinn, CHIPCentrum in Bratislava, Teaching and Training Center for SMEs at the EKTA in Tallinn, ASIC SCC at the IET in Warsaw and SCC at the TU, Warsaw.

Information Dissemination Activities and/or Exploitation

The annual EEMCN Workshop and meeting discuss the results obtained. Results are disseminated via international conferences. Furthermore, there is exchange of prototype software as well as of teaching material between the EEMCN partners.


Fraunhofer-Institut für Integrierte Schaltungen (FhG IIS)
Am Weichselgarten 3
D-91058 Erlangen, D

EU Partners

TIMA CMP, Grenoble, F
FhG IIS/EAS, Dresden, D

Non-EU Partners

IME, Sofia, BG
TU Bratislava, SK
Institute of Comp. Systems, Bratislava, SK
Charles Technical University Prague, CZ
TU Tallinn, EE
Computer R&D Division "Ekta", Tallinn, EE
TU Budapest, HU
TU Kaunas, LT
Inst. of Electr.& Comp. Science, Riga, LV
IET Warsaw, PL
TU Warsaw, PL


Dr. G. Elst
Tel: +49 351 4640 701
Fax: +49 351 4640 703
E-mail: elst@eas.iis.fhg.de

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EEMCN - CP93-7668, May 1997

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