Innovative IT Systems for the Improvement of Security and Reliability of Power Systems in Eastern Europe

Project - CP93-6662

Keywords: power systems control, security and reliability, field processor units, measurements evaluation, energy management functions

Start Date: 1 June 1993 / Status: finished / Duration: 36 months

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Objectivies and Approach

The main aim of this project is to contribute to the renewal of the electrical power systems of the Central and Eastern European countries with the concept and the development of a modern intelligent operation and control system. A first step for this system is the substations of the power system that must be equipped with powerful substation control systems to measure and transmit the process data. Because of the rapidly increasing dataflow and the limited capacity of the data transmission lines from the substation to the control center, a preprocessing of the data at the substation becomes necessary. A second step concerns the energy management functions that support the operator at the control center with the use and analysis of the information mass. At this step, the work is concentrated on the development of an alarm handling function with an expert system and on an intelligent security assessment function with a neural network.

An additional aim is the evaluation of parameters and quality of the power supply in Central and Eastern Europe. The participation in the CENTREL grid test with the own measurement equipment provides the opportunity to learn more about the actual situation in this interconnected power system.

Progress and Results

During the course of the project, the aims set have been reached to a full contentment. A prototype of the substation control system was installed in a Polish substation at the end of the project and more prototype installations are planned for the near future. Although the work on the alarm handling function and the security assesment function was finished successfully, a prototype installation was not possible within the limited duration of the project.

Information Dissemination Activities and/or Exploitation

The results and experiences gained from the measurements during the CENTREL tests provided a good insight into the power systems of Central and Eastern Europe; they are published in a special report.

The results of the project were presented to representatives of the Polish power industry in the framework of two seminars that took place at Wroclaw at the middle and at the end of the project. The proceedings of these seminars, as well as technical reports that describe the progress and the results of the project are available.


Universität Dortmund
Lehrstuhl für elektrische Energieversorgung
D - 44221 Dortmund, D

EU Partners

Universität Dortmund, D

Non-EU Partners

Instytut Automatyki Systemow Energetycznych-Wroclaw, PL
Politechnika Wroclawska, PL


Dr. W. Hoffmann
Tel: +49 231 970 03 26
Fax: +49 231.755 26 94

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Project - CP93-6662, May 1997

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